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We are a small visual novel company that started out as a film production/web design company.


We transitioned into the area of visual novels after I fell in love with the world of visual novels/otome games. Since secondary school I had always wanted to be an author and went into media production where I learned editing skills and expanded my art skills, making a friend along the way that would become a key player in our small group. 


After leaving university I used most of my time writing, and with the help of Michelle I started expanding our team by hiring additional freelancers and making a few projects to break into the VN industry.

Currently we are a very small team from all over the world, although there are many other people working with us, many artists that are so important to the production of our games and there are many people working behind the scenes to support us, we currently have 3 permanent members.

My name is Aimee and I am disabled with a few difficult mental illnesses including quite severe social anxiety. I am the lead writer and occasional Artist and have been obsessed with otome games/visual novels for a while now. Coming up with a few stories of my own, I’m working hard to try and make them real for other people to enjoy as much as I enjoy other works. 

Our resident Artist is Raheela, a very talented lady with versatile styles and impeccable taste in the art she produces. Raheela is a very important part of the team and always produces her best quality work to ensure that the art for our projects have the best quality visuals. 

Michelle acts as a point of contact between us and outside artists and musicians for when I am unable to speak to new people, too busy or having a crisis over writing, she is remarkably professional and friendly. Honestly most of the things EN has achieved so far could not have been done without her. 

Finally is my mentor Suhaib, he is a professional programmer and is teaching me how to code (very slowly, I will get the hang of it!) He is patient and kind, and a professional through and through, tackling every new obstacle with a curiosity and an innovative eye, making sure that not only are projects polished, but also that I know what it is he has done and how I can implement that information going forward.


All of us are either part/full time workers so these games are just that, fun projects we are trying to make successful for others to enjoy!